Creating content for social media

By July 17, 2017Blog

More and more often clients are asking us to do more then just one particular job. Either it is an advertising shot, classic photography for packaging or a short film for usage on social media we make it. Even don’t forget about stop-motion. The interesting thing is to have everything in one hand. Therefore the atmosphere will match in all kind of content, which is pretty cool. Photographers are nowadays being asked more often to do film as wel.

For Lonka, one of the big brands from the Dutch  firm Cloetta, we have been asked to develop images for the whole range of packaging. After we received a rough brief form Danny Klein (58thWest) we started “sketching” in front of the camera. Result: a basic style where we presented their products with in the background, out of focus, a moment where you can use it. The master shot is a “one-shot” where we put most of the elements in perspective and gave it at the same time the right soft white look.

The product needed to be really into your face and very tasty!! On the white surface we created a light reflection of the product. In this way we gave it a bit sex-appeal, a bit more luxurious feeling. The total surrounding is, due to the style of the whole line, very light.

Launching your product using film instead of photography.

For the launch of this new product line we created some short films (10 seconds) for social media. The idea is that these films should be in the same atmosphere as the packaging photography. Because Lonka didn’t had a budget like for a TV “commercial” we needed to make this film lean and mean. Starting with the exact same light setup as for the photography and of course using the same props too we already where very costs reducing. Working with a light camera and a very small team we succeeded to make some really nice films for social media use. Within 4 days over 145.000 views on Facebook. Who could think about that? Why are moving images tracking more attention then still shots? In the food world we see that film gives you a lot of extra’s like sounddesign, the movement of a drop of milk falling in a glass, the camera who can penn around the product. All these things will bring some extra atmosphere and finally you take the customer more on a small journey where they can experience the product before they have ever tasted it.



Is it that easy?

Yes, for us it nowadays is that easy, but we have put in a lot of time to find our way from still to moving images. Especially how to create moving content for reasonable prices and surprise our clients. And this is what we love to do. Creating a very moody and foody atmosphere. Shooting really nice close-ups, giving you the feeling that the chocolate is already starting to melt on your tongue. Mouthwatering!!

Interested in how we do this? Just contact Johan Visschedijk or Joris van Ophuizen and we will show you.