We are creators

As an experienced food photographer Johan started filming three years ago. Knowing that he is completely new in this business he contacted Oliver, a DoP who has been working in this business since the early nineties. Recently Joris joined Limelight-today. Together they create food stories.

Although their focus is on food-photography and directing, they have been asked to help creating ideas as well. This is not their core business. Therefore they are working in close cooperation with art-directors and agencies.

Unique! Why?

As photographers and cinematographers they wish to establish a particular style. That style must be fairly aesthetic, and to some extent polished, but the main idea about food is that it must be very tasty and mouth watering!

Their work is all about an inner feeling. Good images are about emotion. The things they do elicit emotions too. It is wonderful to appeal to an individual’s sensitivities, that calls not only for excellence in technology, but also perfection in our ideas.

Serving our clients

“Always working through very short lines enables us to allocate our budgets into each production in order to get the best possible visual output. When clients will not attend to a shooting but like to be in control through email we work from our studio in the countryside (low costs). Of course it is always nice when we get input straight away on the set. In that case we work from our studio in Amsterdam”

Wherever they work they like to take their clients on a way to a surprising and satisfying creative result.

Director and photographer Johan Visschedijk started his career in 1988. After being a member of the top 5 food photographers in the Netherlands, working for all major brands in the world, he branched out to automotive photography and film direction.


As a cinematographer and photographer his work has been valued worldwide as highly aesthetic and to some extend polished to get the outmost results. In his perception a good image is created by dedication, emotions and an excellent understanding of the clients demands.

Using high-end technology, having the best people in his team and with his indefinite knowledge of the usage of light, each creation should reach the ultimate result.

Joris van Ophuizen, born in 1979, has been working as an advertising photographer for many years now. Clients really love his editorial way of creating images where he plays with light and atmosphere. He has been working for many studios before joining Limelight-today.


If it is studio photography or a location shooting Joris will be in his element. He likes to add some atmosphere in post as well. The diversion of work is what makes Joris loves his job so much. He is an amazing passionate photographer.

Beside photography he likes to do some Carp fishing at night and he also loves riding one of his fast and furious bikes. Downhill and uphill.

Fred Rietveld started as an authentic air-brusher. In 1999 he switched to computer editing in Dicomed imaginator. 2003 was the year he started working in Photoshop. Fred became one of the best food retouchers in the Netherlands.


Besides of his love for food he is also a very dedicated car retoucher. Fred Rietveld always gives the work of a photographer a big boost. Every time he will surprise you again. Together with Johan Visschedijk he did a lot of car shots as well.

Under the name Rietveld-Imaging we nowadays cooperate closely together and it really feels like one big family. We do not need more then one word to tell a complete story.

Cinematographer Oliver Haase can rely on the experience of hundreds of commercial and corporate videos. Born in 1961 he began as a DoP in Berlin 1988. Since then he has worked for most of the leading car, chemical and steel brands in the German industry.


In addition to his love for the desktop and food photography his great passion is to tell stories with images that are touching. He loves to share his film and photography productions in order to achieve the best creative results for all parties involved.

What started as a small test, soon became a exceptional cooperation. More then 25 years of experience in the field of film and photography comes together.